10 ideas to make your wedding booth even more memorable

Having a photo booth at your wedding reception is almost a given these days, but with technology advancing at an increasing rate, and photo booth suppliers like Red becoming even more switched on to market trends and client expectations, there are a whole bunch of new innovations that can make your big day even more special.

So, with the wedding season now upon us, we take a look at some great ideas you should consider when your big day arrives. Some of these should be standard with your booth hire, while others are great little add-ons that add that finishing touch.

Here, in no particular order, are our top 10 wedding booth extras:

  1. Prop table

Props are the staple of every good photo booth and come with pretty much every party hire we’ve ever heard about. That said, there are props and there are props. It’s your big day, so make sure you have a say in what props are provided and how they are presented. It’s not unknown for some operators to simply stick a random bunch of props on the floor of the booth, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Props can be beautifully presented on a table, with beautiful signage and messaging that matches your events theme and styling. Work with the operator and your photo booth can fit seamlessly into the style of your reception.

  1. Booth skins

hearts1Following on from that, many booths (like the ones used by Red) use a ‘skin’ system that allows them to take on a new appearance to fit in with the theme of the event. Good operators will have a variety of skins on offer, to best match the look and feel of the event, including those specifically designed for weddings.

If you want a bespoke skin, one that perfectly matches the designs of your other wedding elements (such as invites, menus and so on) then you can work with good booth suppliers to produce one-off skins for your event. Sure, it will cost a little extra, but the look will be stunning and will perfectly set of your reception venue.

  1. Love letterslove-200

Dress up your booth area and make it a real destination for your partygoers by hiring in some giant (four foot) light up letters as a backdrop.

LOVE is the most popular word to spell out, but it’s your event so you decide. MR & MRS, BOOTH or PARTY are other common choices, dressing up not only the booth area but the entire reception room.

  1. Marryoake

This is a great fun feature offered as part of Red’s wedding package. Our top of the range booths have a karaoke feature built in. The bride and groom (or maybe even the best man!) choose a suitable track and guests take it in turn to enter the booth (on their own or as a group) to belt out the song. The smart Marryoake software then edits together the different tracks to produce one brilliant (and usually) hilarious reminder of how your friends celebrated the night.

  1. Guest book

A bit more conventional than Marryoake is to create a guest book from the night.

We know that a wedding day goes by in a flash and despite your best intentions to have a ‘day to remember’ so much goes on that you just can’t take it all in.

With an album, your guests use the booth as normal but instead of simply printing out one photo, an extra print is made and stuck in a neatly bound photo album. Guests are encouraged to leave a message, with booth staff ensuring that the book is neatly put together and handed over to the bride and groom as a memento to keep forever after the event.

  1. Social sharing

Despite our best efforts, it’s rare that everyone we’d like to attend our wedding can actually make it, especially with families increasing living all around the world.

Equally, social media has made it easier to bring people together, virtually at least, and our photo booths include the latest technology mean that distant relatives can join in the fun through Facebook and Twitter.

Choose the right supplier and they will be able to set up social sharing from the event, uploading your images to your chosen social media channel(s) and allowing guests to follow the party, contribute and comment in real time.

  1. Roaming photography

Another neat touch, and one that can be linked to social sharing, is the opportunity to have a roaming photographer during the evening events.

Most traditional wedding photographers leave after the first dance but companies like Red can provide suitably trained booth hosts to provide a discrete (or indeed less discrete, if you prefer a paparazzi style photographer) roaming service to produce candid shots from around the room on the night. These images can even be sent back to the booth remotely, meaning that they can be viewed and printed out in the same way that your images taken in the booth can be.

  1. Temporary tattoos

This is not a service that we offer yet, but we were recently at a wedding fair where we saw this cool idea. Transfers, or temporary tattoos, with a love theme (or even bespoke for your event, if the budget allows) can be a great addition to the prop table. Great fun, new and a real conversation starter. We can see these being big in years to come.

  1. Rope and red carpet

It’s an old classic and a really nice touch to add a VIP feel to your wedding (it also works great at balls and birthday parties). A red carpet (we also have a great one edged with LED lights) and a roped off area oozes class and makes for an elegant way to present your booth on the night.

  1. Great booth staff

Yep, it should go without saying but seeing the way that some photo booth company attendants are turned out, we’re not so sure.

Personally I believe that the staff are the most important element of creating a great photo booth experience, even more important than the many bells and whistles offered by the booths.

A wedding is a special day and our Booth Hosts understand that. They are entertainers but never the stars of the show, that’s the job of the bride and groom. Our standard attire for weddings are crisp shirts and neat bowties, but it is what’s inside the uniform that matters. Awesome staff wear a smile all the time. They are accommodating, professional and put guests at total ease. Great staff is never an optional extra with us. They really do put the cherry on top of any photo booth hire!

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