Booth up your staff photography

Photography is a great way to bring the personal touch to your business.

As the old saying goes ‘people buy from people’ so showing who potential customers will be dealing with on your website can be a great way to turn your company from a faceless organisation to a team of real human beings.

Recognising this, businesses are increasingly bringing in professional photographers to take headshots of their staff – not just for websites, but also for things like staff passes, brochures and adverts.

While some staff love the attention, for others it can be a very uncomfortable experience. It can also be tough to get all your staff together on the same morning or afternoon, but we reckon that there is a new solution. Bring on the booth!

Photo booths, like those supplied by Red Event Photography, are a great way to bring together your team while capturing top quality images for use on your website, to adorn your reception area and so on.

We think that these self service method of photography is the future of doing corporate headshots. With top quality professional digital SLR cameras and a choice of neutral backgrounds, Red’s oval booth is perfect for delivering professional portraits of your staff. With only themselves in the booth, there’s none of the uncomfortable self-consciousness that sometimes comes with a professional sitting, especially in front of colleagues. The staff take the photo themselves, the ultimate selfie, and can have unlimited shots until they find the one they’re happy with.

For jobs like this, the booth can be hired without an attendant and left at your premises for a period of days, meaning that you don’t have to bring all your staff in on one day for a photo shoot. It’s relaxed, convenient and fun. While the booth’s on site, staff can also take some great relaxed group pictures too. And as these come out at high resolution, they can be blown up into great posters that could even be used to decorate the office.

It’s a great way to bring your team together, and grab those perfect shots for your website. So what are you waiting for? If you’re interested in finding out how Red can help you get some fantastic shots of your team, give us a shout and we’ll get right back to you.

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