Bringing people together with a booth

We love photo booths at Red. Of course, you knew that already.

What we really love is the way that they have the power to bring people together.

You know, go to a typical night out and you’ll find a bunch of parties within the party. We’ve all been to that work’s do where the IT people hang out with the IT crowd, the accounts guys sit in a corner together and, well, you get the idea…

And it’s the same with weddings, where Team Groom and Team Bride take station at their individual tables, and that’s before the work colleagues and casual mates arrive for the evening do. Everyone stays within the comfort of their own social circles, and that’s a great shame.

That’s the great thing about hosted photo booths – they bring people together. The booth is the party’s equivalent of the office water cooler. Guests gravitate to it. With silly props and a booth, your guests will lose their inhibitions and mix like a beautifully blended cocktail.

A booth attendant needs to play a major role in creating this experience. Their job is not just to assemble the booth and keep the equipment well stocked with paper and ink, they are on hand to give your guests a great time. Not only should they show you how the features operate, their job should also be to break the ice and bring everyone together.

That’s what we like to do at Red. We employ our staff not only for their ability to run a photo booth, but also for their personality and ability to interact with guests. We also put our staff in pairs for our bigger events, ensuring that someone is always ‘front of house’ even when a colleague is busy maintaining the booth.

Booths are a great way to turn strangers into friends, so the next time you bring in a company to your event, make sure that they share your vision for the party. After all, you’ll never get a second chance at your big day.

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