Photo booth trends

Photo booths – capturing data and engaging audiences at trade shows and exhibitions

Photo booth at trade show

Think photo booth and you probably think about parties and wedding receptions. But the photo booth can also be a fantastic way to engage with customers and capture data at trade shows and exhibitions. Photo opportunities are increasingly popular at expos and public events, and can draw customers to your stand. Photos are all about memories, and there’s nothing better for capturing memories than a good old fashioned photograph. In return for the customer providing their data (usually an email address will suffice) they get a free photograph (either printed or sent to them digitally) which gives them a branded and permanent memento of their interaction with your brand. I’ve […]

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Where should I locate the photo booth at my party?

The location of the photo booth at your party will have a large bearing on how successful it is as an attraction, so careful consideration should be made to ensure you get the best out of your hire. Your venue or event planner should help you find the ideal place and will usually have a preferred location based on past experience, but it is useful for you to look at where you personally want it and how it fits in with your guest experience. The photo booth operator is likely to know most of the venues in their local area too, particularly the larger hotels, and they should be able […]

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Photo booth versus Magic Mirror – what are the pros and cons?

This summer we added a magic mirror, also known as a selfie mirror, to our stock of booths and after quite a few events we wanted to give you the lowdown on how it compares to our regular photo booths. While the mirror is a kind of photo booth, there are some definite advantages and disadvantages to both types, so here are our thoughts. Picture quality When it comes to picture quality, it’s hard to beat our oval photo booths. While we use the same Canon DSLR cameras on both the mirror and booth, the standard booth does have several advantages. Firstly, the lens is exposed, not behind the plexiglass […]

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10 ideas to make your wedding booth even more memorable

Having a photo booth at your wedding reception is almost a given these days, but with technology advancing at an increasing rate, and photo booth suppliers like Red becoming even more switched on to market trends and client expectations, there are a whole bunch of new innovations that can make your big day even more special. So, with the wedding season now upon us, we take a look at some great ideas you should consider when your big day arrives. Some of these should be standard with your booth hire, while others are great little add-ons that add that finishing touch. Here, in no particular order, are our top 10 […]

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How do you share yours?

Don’t be fooled into thinking that photo booths are just for taking goofy snaps that are printed and given away on the night. They have so much more to offer than that, especially when it comes to sharing images. Good booths are full of great technology that can share the experience of being at your party far beyond the attendees that are there on the night. With a wi-fi connection in the room, your photo booth can really bring your event alive by sharing the content far and wide. How do you share your shots with Auntie Anne in Australia? With the booth, of course! We have several ways of […]

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