Farewell Magic Mirror

After two years of service, it is with sadness that we are announcing the decision to no longer offer our magic mirror photo booth for hire.

A number of factors have influenced this decision, not least some ongoing problems with my back, and after reviewing our business and objectives for 2018 we have decided to streamline our offerings and drop the mirror booth. Customers who have already booked a mirror have already been contacted and have been offered the chance to transfer their booking to another operator, or a full refund of any deposit paid.

“The magic mirror has proved popular but unfortunately right now we don’t feel that it fits into our business plans,” said Red Event Photography Managing Director Paul Taylor. “From a logistics point of view, the mirror is difficult to transport and it has proved difficult to find and train staff with the prerequisite skills to setup and run the mirror at events. This has meant that I personally have been attending all of our events with the mirror and this has not been good for the overall good of the business, which is kept busy with our core offerings of fun casino nights and closed photo booths. Added to this, I have had some back problems that are not helped by transporting the bulky equipment so, regrettably, I have decided to no longer offer the mirror. There are plenty of local suppliers specialising in mirrors, and with that in mind it was an easy decision to make. It is something that we may look at offering again in the future, as alternative products come on the market, but for now the mirror is no longer on our books, and alternative arrangements with trusted suppliers have been made for those valued customers who had bookings with us in 2018.”

For customers looking for a mirror booth, Red Event Photography can recommend contacting Hampton Leisure or Booth Factor.