Filling time and making friends with a casino party on your wedding day

Over the past few years we have done quite a few casino parties as part of a wedding reception and, without exception they have gone down an absolute storm.

But while having the casino as part of the evening entertainment, we wanted to make a point of highlighting the benefits of running the casino games earlier, between the wedding breakfast and the reception.

Why? Well that time between the end of the meal and speeches, and the start of evening entertainment, usually marked by the cake cutting and first dance, is often dead time. Sure, day guests mingle and evening guests arrive, but by holding back the casino until after the first dance you’re missing out on the opportunity to have your guests break the ice and get the party started.

After all, the point of a wedding reception is not just to celebrate the marriage of a couple, but to help the two families get to know each other better. And if there’s one thing we know about casino parties, it’s that they are a brilliant way to get people who were previously strangers chatting and getting to know each other better.

Of course, a lot will depend on the venue and the timings, but if you have at least an hour to fill the casino is a good and productive way to fill that sometimes awkward period, as well as getting your guests mingling. We love these early casino parties as they just get everyone in the party mood. We particularly love it when the bride and groom get in on the act and help out by dealing on the roulette wheel! For a bit of added fun, why not add some customised fun money and some prizes – including perhaps some booby prizes!

Sure, there’s always a place for the casino later in proceedings, but with a photo booth, live music, cake cutting, first dances and buffets to slot in too, it can make for a busy evening for your guests. Some of our most successful wedding casinos have run in the space between the breakfast and reception, sometimes with a ‘final table’ taking place after the first dance.

If you want to discuss options for a fun casino at your upcoming wedding, why not contact us for a free consultation and no obligation quotation?

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