Casino Party nights

Finding a winner at your casino party night

It’s easy to see the allure of the casino. From the sumptuous surroundings to the exciting games run by mesmerising dealers, you can carefully replicate the exhilaration of a real life casino with a fun casino night.

But the one thing you can’t replicate is the thrill that many get through gambling. Having your own money on the line gives many players an added buzz, even if it can break so many hearts every night.

As fun casinos are not licenced, it is illegal to play for cash, but you can add some edge to your evening by adding in a competitive element to your party casino. Having a prize, even one of low value, does a great job of bringing out the gambler or competitiveness in your guests, and adds some more purpose to your evening. And because there’s no real money at stake, even the losers leave with a smile on their face.

But how do you determine a winner, and what can they win?

For prizes, anything goes. As long as it’s not cash, you can play for pretty much anything. If it’s a charity night, you might want to approach local businesses to see if they can donate prizes for the casino night, but for smaller events you might just want to invest in a bottle of bubbly or a small trophy for the winner. You’ll know what’s going to make your guests tick better than anyone else, but remember that there’s no prize better than bragging rights!

At Red Event Casinos we offer a small prize package consisting of a ‘King of the Casino’ or ‘Queen of the Casino’ sash and a novelty crown. It might sound a bit tacky, but the coronation is a great fun way to end the casino party and provides a great photo op.

Even if you want to go for something more subtle, the prize giving is always a nice way to end the casino element of the evening, giving the host an opportunity to say a few words and thank the guests for attending.

How to determine the winner, or winners, is also something that can vary depending on the vibe you want from your casino party, but there are three ways that we regularly like to use.

If your prizes are of only a nominal value, we can instruct the croupiers to award spot prizes for brilliant play, incredible luck (or bad luck) or even sheer bravado. This can be a good way to get everyone smiling and playing a little ‘loose’. It can be a fun way to reward your players at an informal event, and having lots of small prizes can make everyone feel involved.

For a bit more substance, we can track the winning players. For smaller events (say two or three tables), the winner can then be declared and the prizes given out. If you want to create a bit more drama, and emphasis on the casino attraction, then we can invite all the best players back for a ‘playoff’ to determine the overall winner. This final table format is a great idea for larger events or ones where a high value first prize is at stake.

If you’re interested in running a fun casino at your next event, Red Casino Events will provide a full pre-event consultation to help you determine the best possible format for your evening.

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