What games are available for your casino themed party?


So, you’ve chosen to hold a casino themed party – but just what games should you lay on for your guests? Your ultimate choice will depend on many factors such as the space available, number of guests, budget and also what games you think that your guests will enjoy playing the most.

A good mobile casino will give you the option of plenty of games but here are five of our favourite?


The world’s most popular casino game, the aim of blackjack is to get as close as you can to 21, without going over. You play against the dealer, not the other players, so there’s very much a spirit of being in it together. If you can get closer to 21 than the dealer then you win the hand. It is a simple game to learn.

Blackjack is the most commonly played casino game and there’s a good reason for that. Not only is it great fun, it’s also one of the few games where there is a high element of skill involved. Solid players following the basic blackjack strategy can be consistent winners, while gamblers can enjoy the thrill of busting the dealer and going on hot winning streaks.

Played at its most basic level, blackjack is easy to understand and can be explained by the croupiers at the table. There are also a number of more advanced options, such as splitting hands, doubling down and side bets which can add to the excitement and give skilled players more chances to make profitable plays.

For large parties, we’d recommend more than one black jack table. Indeed, it would be easy to simply hire only blackjack tables, but that would give you a blackjack party and not a casino night. So let’s look at what else is out there…

Fun casino roulette and black jack tables
Fun casino roulette and black jack tables


The classic casino game, roulette originated in France and has various subtly different versions played around the world.

All feature the iconic roulette wheel and there’s no doubt that the clink of the ball dropping into the slotted wheel is pure theatre. It’s for that reason that a good roulette table is the heart of any casino night, bringing the authentic sights and sounds of a real casino to your event.

At first glance, roulette appears complicated but after a few spins it all becomes clear. Players place their chips on the layout to mark where they think the ball will drop. They can place less risky outside bets, for example placing chips on red or black (where a winning bet will return even money) or by putting chips directly on a number, where the probability of winning is less, but the reward is greater. There are also a whole host of other bets available, which the croupier can explain and for which the payout odds will be on display at the table.

If you are booking a roulette table, do make sure that you are getting the real deal. Genuine roulette wheels from manufacturers such as John Huxley and Cammegh weigh over 40kg and can cost over £10,000 when new. Some operators use high quality versions that are slightly smaller and more transportable, but some have been known to use cheap plastic wheels that give none of the drama or style of the real thing. Make sure you check first!  

Fun casino money wheel
Fun casino money wheel

Money wheel

What we love about roulette is the noise and the drama, and this is positively multiplied on the cash wheel.

The money wheel, otherwise known as the Wheel of Fortune or the Super Six, has been a Las Vegas attraction for years and has slowly started becoming more common in casinos around the world.

At over a metre in diameter, the money wheel provides an imposing presence at your casino night. A leather flapper is used to indicate the winning slot but also creates a reassuring clicking noise as it whirrs around.

Gamblers have to put their chips down on the table by the corresponding number, the dealer spins the wheel and the winners are those who predict the correct number.

Typically the wheel has 52 slots, with six different numbers appearing in differing quantities. Hitting a high number is one way to win big at the fun casino – only a straight up number on the roulette table pays bigger.

The money wheel is a great addition to a fun casino night and can be played by anyone. It is a pure game of chance that requires no skill. In real life casinos, money wheels are notorious for offering the player poor odds, but in a fun casino the operator can offer more generous odds to entice the player.


Poker has experienced a real boom in recently years, firstly through the online revolution and secondly after appearing in the James Bond movie Casino Royale. There are various versions of poker, some of which are played against the casino but which traditionally involve players aiming to take chips off each other.

By far and away the most popular type of poker is Texas Hold ‘Em, where the players share ‘community’ cards alongside their own ‘hold’ cards. Poker makes a fantastic addition to any casino night but unlike the aforementioned games, which are all fast and furious, poker can be a slow and considered pastime. Tournaments can take hours, even days, while ‘cash’ games are also frequently played in long, gruelling sessions.

Unless you want your guests glued to the poker table, we would recommend arranging short and snappy single table tournaments. These can be completed in around an hour, and also increase the element of luck involved in the game. With slow structures and low blind bets, the more skilful players can exploit less experienced players, but with a fast structure forcing players ‘all-in’ on a frequent basis, your poker tournament will provide plenty of excitement on your casino night.


The real game of choice for the high rollers, including 007 himself, is baccarat. This game of chance is a connoisseur’s choice at a casino night but can be complicated for beginners.

There are three main versions of baccarat: Chemin de Fer, Punto Banco and baccarat banque. Played in the high roller setting, this card game requires a large table run by three croupiers – making it an impractical and expensive choice for most mobile casinos. Mini baccarat has become increasingly common as a low-to-mid stake game in casinos and, with a smaller table run by one dealer, can be an interesting choice for a Bond themed night.

To enquire about a fun casino for your next event, contact Red Event Casinos to see what they have to offer.