How do you share yours?

Don’t be fooled into thinking that photo booths are just for taking goofy snaps that are printed and given away on the night. They have so much more to offer than that, especially when it comes to sharing images.

Good booths are full of great technology that can share the experience of being at your party far beyond the attendees that are there on the night.

With a wi-fi connection in the room, your photo booth can really bring your event alive by sharing the content far and wide. How do you share your shots with Auntie Anne in Australia? With the booth, of course!

We have several ways of sharing images both at and after the event, with clients usually opting for several different methods:

As standard, we will provide a USB drive containing all the images from your hire to the event organiser. This is usually as part of the breakdown process, so you will get them before we leave. If this is not possible (maybe you’ve left before us, or there are an exceptionally large number of files) we’ll get it in the post to you on the next working day. These images are high resolution and yours to use as you please.

We can also set up a password protected folder on an area of our website, and you can send the link and password to anyone you’d like to give access to. This folder will be live for up to 90 days after your event.

If you prefer something that’s easier to access (but less private) then we can also upload to a Facebook album, where attendees can tag each other and share the images.

Modern booths are also able to offer a number of great features that open up photo marketing opportunity to corporate clients. Take a booth to an exhibition or trade show and you can add functionality that emails to image to the attendee, giving you valuable data (subject to terms and conditions) that you can use to market to the individual. It’s also possible to set up galleries on Facebook to allow you to really engage with the audience.

As if that wasn’t enough, we are soon to launch our social booth functionality. That’ll mean that any photos taken at your event and uploaded to social media with your dedicated hashtag (for example #steveandlaurawedding) are sent to the booth, where they are collated and able to be printed, shared and added to the memory book.

Far from being a two metre cubicle in the corner, the latest equipment can you’re your entire room into a photo booth and lets you share your special day with the world.

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