Where should I locate the photo booth at my party?

The location of the photo booth at your party will have a large bearing on how successful it is as an attraction, so careful consideration should be made to ensure you get the best out of your hire.

Your venue or event planner should help you find the ideal place and will usually have a preferred location based on past experience, but it is useful for you to look at where you personally want it and how it fits in with your guest experience. The photo booth operator is likely to know most of the venues in their local area too, particularly the larger hotels, and they should be able to give their experience of what works and what doesn’t at a particular venue.

Generally the booth works best in an area with good footfall, and where it can visibly be seen as an attraction. Many larger venues have a lobby area just outside the main room, where guests congregate and pass through on their way to the bar or bathroom. These can often work really well as there’s a good ‘passing trade’. Giving the booth a large area can make it a great place for guests to hang around and enjoy, with plenty space for a creative props display and a guestbook signing. If that’s not possible, giving a good spot in the corner of the main room, at the opposite end to the DJ, can also often work well

Small side rooms and dead ends should generally be avoided, as should annexes. These prohibit a good flow of people and mean that guests will have to go out of their way to track down the booth.

We can work in most situations and have never yet admitted defeat when faced with a challenging venue. This year alone we’ve found ourselves in quite a few sub-optimal locations, from a dusty storeroom with no electricity (we had to run an extension in from the adjacent room) to a very cute (but far too small) attic room where we couldn’t even fully assemble to booth (see picture). In all cases, we provided a service and guests had a good time, but we couldn’t help but think how much better, and busier, it would have been had we been situated in another location. If space really is at a premium, our magic mirror is often a better option than a closed photo booth.

The basics required for a photo booth are an electrical socket and space for the booth, around 2.5m length by 2m in height. Space for props, the booth attendant and good lighting are also preferable, as you want to create an area with a good ambience.

We’ll discuss timings for your hire and the implications of that in another post, but it is worth looking at the logistics of this when you are locating your booth. Most booth companies can set up in the morning and come back to operate in the evening, although this will typically attract an additional callout fee or a charge called idle hours. In the grand scheme of things, this may not work out to be so much, but if you don’t need to go to those lengths or want to keep costs down, you’ll probably be looking at a spot where the photo booth company can discretely set-up and dismantle the booth while other activities are taking place.

The last thing anyone wants is to have a photo booth being delivered and dragged through the room while your wedding speeches are taking place, or equipment being assembled in the corner as you start the first dance, so if you want to keep the timings tight you’ll need to find a location that allows it to be discretely brought in and taken out of the venue while other activities are taking place.

We hope that this helps you find the ideal location for the photo booth at your next event. If you would like some more advice, please feel free to contact us for a no obligation consultation.