Oval Booth


At Red, we take pride in the fact that our booths are among the best in the business.

Our rental booths accommodate up to eight guests at a time. All have a sleek oval design that comes with a wide range of external colour schemes to blend into the theme of your event.

Inside the booths are packed with the latest technology. Pictures are taken on high-end DSLR cameras and printed on top quality photographic paper. Printouts can be pre-designed with details of our event (or company logo for company events) and a number of novel features are included to keep your guests coming back for more. These include immersive green screen technology, allowing you to drop in the background image of your choice, facial recognition software that can add funny effects to guests’ faces, colour filters, strip printing and the ability to create fun flip books.

Our booths can also include an HD video recording facility, opening up karaoke possibilities. Our video booths are particularly great for weddings, where guests can leave video messages for the bride and groom and even sing a song to them with our wonderful ‘marryoake’ option.

To make your event run as smoothly as possible, and to take full advantage of all the great features our booths have to offer, at least one booth host will be on hand to ensure that your guests have a memorable time.

Our staff are fully trained, insured and wear our distinctive uniforms, but if you prefer that we don’t crash your party don’t worry. We can provide a booth with basic functionality and let you ‘self drive’ the equipment during your event.

Sound like what you are after? Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and check availability.