Photo booth versus Magic Mirror – what are the pros and cons?

This summer we added a magic mirror, also known as a selfie mirror, to our stock of booths and after quite a few events we wanted to give you the lowdown on how it compares to our regular photo booths.

While the mirror is a kind of photo booth, there are some definite advantages and disadvantages to both types, so here are our thoughts.

Picture quality

When it comes to picture quality, it’s hard to beat our oval photo booths. While we use the same Canon DSLR cameras on both the mirror and booth, the standard booth does have several advantages. Firstly, the lens is exposed, not behind the plexiglass as on the mirror and the lighting is uniform, as generally is the distance of the subjects to the lens. This leads to a more consistent quality of picture. With the mirror, subjects can stand much further away from the lens, great for group shots, while the lighting can change during the event, meaning that the booth attendant may need to recalibrate the mirror during the night. You also have the advantage of a clean curtain background with the oval booth, which you may not get with the mirror.

We’re not saying that the quality is poor with the mirror, but if this is very important to you, the standard booth is a big winner.


It’s a definite win here for the mirror, which can sit discretely in the corner of even the smallest venue. Of course, there’s still a need to have a bit of floor space for the guests to stand on, but if space is at a premium, the magic mirror is definitely worth looking into as the booth stands at around 2.3 metres long and 2m high.


It’s another win for the mirror. We’ll be honest, the oval booth is less well suited to partygoers in wheelchairs and to little kids. No probs with the mirror though, as no enclosed booth means no access problems. You can also get larger groups in the photo.


It’s about 50-50 here. Both booth and mirror allow for a green screen backdrop but there are plenty more features to consider. Our top end booths can be turned into Karaoke pods and feature the fun Marryoake option. There’s facial recognition software if you prefer to have props drawn on rather than being worn with the booth and the option of an external screen, so that everyone can see what’s going on inside, but the mirror’s unique design, full length images and option to sign the photos are also big hits, particularly with the kids.

Fun factor

Hey, photo booths are all mega fun, but the mirror takes it up to a new level. The combination of the novelty factor and the ability to sign the pictures always creates interest with guests but, whichever you choose, fun is guaranteed.

Layouts and additional photo sets

The oval booth wins here. It takes pictures in a landscape (horizontal) format, whereas the those from the mirror are portrait (horizontal) which gives more flexibility in the print design. You can specify the ever popular 2×6” strip format, where two strips are printed each visit with the booth (not available with the mirror) and there is also and option to select additional sets of prints (additional costs apply) to go in a guest book. This is not currently available with the booth, but whichever product you choose, with Red Event Photography you will receive all your images digitally after the event, with a password protected gallery available for guests to browse and download photos.


Our current price for photo booth hire is £279 for the first two hours, plus £80 each additional hour. The mirror is £300 for two hours, plus £100 for each additional hour. However as an introductory offer, we are offering the mirror at the same price as the oval booth for bookings until the end of January 2017. Contact us for more details.