Coming in 2017: our new karaoke booth!

Always keen to offer more to our valued clients, Red will be offering a new service for 2017 as we convert one of our existing oval booths into an all-singing, all-dancing Karaoke Booth! As the name suggests, the karaoke booth lets your guests sing their hearts out at your party, with thousands of songs available and the option to record the results for posterity (or potentially blackmailing purposes!). The technology sits inside our existing oval booths, meaning that you can go for a half-and-half hire – switching from karaoke to photo booth throughout the duration of your hire. For weddings, we can also configure the booth for ‘Marryoake’ a cool […]

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Magic Selfie Mirror – book now for 2017 dates

Magic Mirror free standing photo booth

After some trial events in the latter part of 2016, our Magic Selfie Mirror is now available to book in 2017. The mirror has proved a smash hit at weddings and other parties and as such we’re training more staff in the operation of the equipment to ensure that we’re able to cope with the extra demand in the summer. In case you’re not already aware, the Magic Mirror is a new kind of photo booth that, when switched off, looks like a nice full length mirror. Switch it on though, and behind that one way glass is all kind of wizardry that turns it into the coolest photo booth out […]

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