Why we’re Red

I was at a business networking meeting last week when I was asked ‘Why is your company called Red?’. Why I was surprised, I don’t know, but I had to think back to almost three years ago, when we set up the business. It’s certainly nothing to do with my politics, or my football team. It’s not even my favourite colour (that’s yellow, BTW). So when my preferred name was already taken, I looked around for inspiration. I had a red car and a red motorbike. There was a picture on the wall of me in a red T-shirt, and (for some bizarre reason) I’d just bought some red spectacles. […]

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Keeping busy in January

It’s no secret that January is a pretty quiet month in the events industry, but we’ve still found plenty to keep us busy over the past few weeks. After enjoying our busiest month ever in December 2017, we’ve been able to relax a little and recharge our batteries while also preparing for the year ahead. On the marketing side, you might have noticed some developments to our website. We implemented a new online booking tool at the end of 2017, which has proved hugely popular with staff and customers alike. Having trialled it for three months, we’re now using it for all of our bookings and have added all our […]

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Hire our new fun casino for your next event!


Following the success of our Cambridgeshire-based photo booth hire business, we are delighted to announce the arrival of Red Fun Casinos – offering excellent value casino games for events and parties. We have been looking to expand our offering for quite some time now and after researching the market are delighted to have invested in new equipment to provide roulette, black jack and poker games to our customers. These will all come with trained and smartly attired croupiers and can be hired individually or as part of a package inclusive of a photo booth or magic mirror. As well as basic packages, our experienced event managers and set designers will […]

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