What dress code should you set for a casino party night?

One question we are commonly asked by our clients is ‘what is the dress code for a casino party night?’ In reality, there is no need to set a dress code for your casino party but these events can provide a great opportunity for your guests to glam up and get their finery on, making them super memorable. Without doubt, the two most common themes are James Bond/007 and Las Vegas. Bond is most definitely a black tie affair, with gents in their tuxedos and ladies in their finest evening wear. The James Bond theme can be complemented by the room theming and other branding, we’ve even seen Bond lookalikes […]

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What games are available for your casino themed party?


So, you’ve chosen to hold a casino themed party – but just what games should you lay on for your guests? Your ultimate choice will depend on many factors such as the space available, number of guests, budget and also what games you think that your guests will enjoy playing the most. A good mobile casino will give you the option of plenty of games but here are five of our favourite? Blackjack The world’s most popular casino game, the aim of blackjack is to get as close as you can to 21, without going over. You play against the dealer, not the other players, so there’s very much a […]

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