Top five inexpensive ways to personalise your fun casino party night

Whether it’s your wedding or a corporate bash, a fun casino night should be a memorable experience that reflects the personality of you and your event.

High end events can have tens of thousands of pounds spent on staging, with dedicated set dressings, props and equipment, where the only limiting factors are budget and imagination, but there are also some relatively inexpensive ways in which you can put your own stamp on the casino entertainment.

At Red Fun Casinos we pride ourselves on creating high standard events that are affordable, fun, professional and with a twist of glamour to them, but if you want to break away from our usual offering and give a little more individuality to your casino nights, here are five low cost ways to wow your guests and make them remember you special night even more.

Custom casino chips

At Red, we normally use unbranded 11.5 gram, coloured and numbered casino chips but, to add a personal touch, why not arrange to have some bespoke chips made up to mark your event?

Chips can be made with your message and design printed on them. These little takeaways can make great mementos for your guests, or if it’s a wedding and you love playing card games yourself, the chips can be used to create a fantastic poker set you can keep for a lifetime after the casino party.

Like most of these add-ons, there’s an economy of scale in production of casino chips. Produce around 100, or one per guest, and you’re looking at around £1 a chip. We recommend a full 500-piece chip set for your casino party, which will set you back around £250 in total.

Staff uniforms

As standard, Red’s casino croupiers wear crisp white shirts and a dapper bow tie – but why not add a personal touch by matching our staff uniforms with your theme or corporate colours?

If you’ve got a colour scheme for your wedding, you can arrange for our croupiers to blend in with bow ties and cummerbunds that match the colours used at your big day. For corporate events we can also use your brand colours to ensure everyone knows who’s hosting the party, or we can even adopt your company’s regular staff uniform.

Specifying uniforms to match your event colours can cost as little as an extra £20 per croupier. Or if you fancy something less formal, we can work with you to arrange polos or T-shirts to send out exactly the message you want to your guests. It’s your party, and we’re here for you, so our staff can wear what every you want us to (within reason, of course).

Novelty money

One of the most popular, fun and cost effective ways of personalising your casino party is to provide novelty bank notes to your guests.

Whether they feature the bride and groom, the lucky birthday boy or girl, or just your company’s logo, these are a brilliant device to get the party started, as well as a simple memento of the evening.

For less than £30 you can run off some novelty notes. Make them as classy or cheesy as you wish and distribute them to your guests (our staff are happy to do this on your behalf) before the casino tables open.

Guests exchange their notes for chips at the casino table and cash out at the end of their session. The player with the most bank notes at the end is the winner and can even win a special prize, like a trophy, wine or a victory sash!

Bespoke playing cards

If custom chips have piqued your attention, why not go the whole hog and get some custom playing cards made?

Perfect if your party includes a poker or blackjack table, these cards can have your picture, logo or message printed on the reverse. Short runs can be expensive, with a single pack costing more than £20 each, but increase the quantity to more than 10 and you’ll be looking at less than half that per pack.

As our blackjack tables use six packs to a shoe, why not order 10 packs of customised cards to include a few for prizes and posterity? A really special touch for less than £100.

Dedicated signage

Our showcase blackjack table has an iPad info screen to show the players the rules and odds, and this can be fully customised with your own colours, message and logo free of charge.

At some venues you may also find that that a screen is available to use in the room, and you may be able to utilise that for no charge at all. A simple slideshow, prepared in PowerPoint and saved on a USB drive, can be a hugely effective way of personalising your event and reminding your guests who is laying on the event.

If you prefer more physical branding, pull up ‘Grasshopper’ style pull up banners cost from around £50, while a larger ‘step and repeat’ type banner gives your event some VIP glamour and a great photo back drop, from around £150. Mixed in with some basic props from your entertainment provider, your dedicated signage can contribute to a premium feel to your events that will be remembered forever.

When personalising your event, remember that there will be a lead time in creating bespoke items – usually around two weeks for print work. You’ll also need to allocate time and budget to create designs, although these can usually be briefed into any designer you are working with to create other artwork for the event, such as invitations and table plans.

If you’re planning a casino themed party and would like some free, no obligation, advice you can contact us to discuss your individual requirements.