Top five things you should consider before arranging a casino party

So, you want to host a casino party? Great idea, but there are a few things you should consider before you go to the time and expense of booking a fun casino company. By thinking about these five key points you should be able to get it right first time and ensure all goes well on the big day.


One of the first things that you need to look at is the venue for your party. Casino tables are typically quite large, so you will need to ensure that your venue has enough space for your guests and the casino equipment, and also that the equipment can be laid out in a comfortable and attractive way.

If you choose to have a casino at a house party, space can often be an issue, so do make sure you can accommodate the tables. Some suppliers may be able to provide smaller tables (we have a range of three-quarter sized tables as well as full sized ones) but you will need to make sure this is clear in advance.

Your supplier will be able to provide guidance on how much space is needed, but also remember that access can also be an issue. Rooms which are upstairs can often be difficult to get equipment into. Some venues will have service lifts that allow large items to be moved easily upstairs. Some suppliers may refuse to work at venues with access issues or may charge more to take into account the extra time and staffing required to set up and break down.

Talking of which, make sure you know how long the venue will give you to set up the casino. Hotels will often book out a space to one client in the afternoon, and another in the evening, leaving little turnaround time. This can also apply at weddings, where the same room may be used for the wedding breakfast in the afternoon, before being turned around for the reception in the evening. A small casino set-up usually takes around an hour to put in place, but larger arrangements with room dressing may take a full afternoon or even longer.

Do be honest with yourself and all your suppliers with regards to how long everything will take. There are several instances where we have turned up at a venue, only to sit around waiting to gain access while an earlier event runs its course. The knock on effect is a rushed set-up, a delayed start and the inconvenience of entertainment being set up while the guests are on site.

Number of guests

The number of guests in attendance will play a big part in dictating how many casino tables you book. With most of our games, seven guests can play at a casino table at a time and typically we find each will play for around 30 minutes on average.

Clearly two casino tables will not be enough for a party of around 300 guests, but likewise you won’t usually need five tables for a party with 40 guests. ‘How many casino tables do I need?’ is one of the most common questions we get asked, yet there is no clear answer. As a rough rule of thumb we usually recommend one table per 12-15 guests, meaning that around half can be playing at any given time, however we recommend that you consult with your supplier, as it all ties into….

What other entertainments are you planning?

Even if the casino is your main form of entertainment (and let’s be honest, why wouldn’t it be?) it most likely won’t be the only thing to keep your guests amused.

At the most basic level, they’ll likely be eating and drinking, and there will be music in the form of a DJ or live band. Other entertainments that work well with fun casino nights include photo booths, magic mirrors and magicians, while bigger functions, like balls, award ceremonies and charity nights might have the casino as part of a wider package of entertainment that could include a comedian, speeches and auctions. And don’t underestimate the desire for relatives to simply spend the night chatting at family parties, like weddings, anniversaries and birthdays.

In theory, the more forms of entertainment you have the lower the ratio of tables to guests you will need.

Purpose of casino 

One of the questions we always ask prospective clients is ‘why are you having a casino at your party?’

This may sound like a simple enough question, but it’s not a trick. At a charity night, for example, you’ll want a higher ratio of tables to guests, with good incentives to play (read prizes) as a fun casino can be a good way to raise funds. The more guests play, the more you stand to raise.

For other parties, your budget will come into play, and you’ll need to think about how many people will actually want to play. If you and your guests are die hard casino enthusiasts, you might want to go big on the fun casino, but if it’s a bit of wow factor, perhaps to fill the time between the breakfast and reception at a wedding, a few tables might just be the answer.

What games 

Another thing to consider is ‘what games should I have?’ 

Usually a small casino night would feature a blackjack table and a roulette table, as these are the two classic casino games (not to mention easy to learn and play).

For authenticity, nothing beats the sound of a roulette ball bouncing around and dropping into its pocket, although if space is at a premium you might have to sacrifice a roulette table, as it is over 2.5 metres long.

If you are theming your event, you might want to choose a game to match. For a Vegas night, nothing beats rolling the dice on a Craps table – the most exciting game found on the strip. For a James Bond theme, one of 007’s favourite games is always a hit. Traditionally baccarat (also known as Punto Banco) was the spy’s game of choice but, in recent years, it was Texas Hold ‘Em Poker that starred in the remake of Casino Royale.

Poker stands alone in our portfolio of casino games, as the players play against each other rather than the house. A poker party is one of the few occasions where you’d typically allocate a seat to every single guest, and some caution should be exercised when booking a poker table at a more general party. Some players have been known to be so immersed that they simply hit the table and are never seen again until the end of the party!

If your players are casino novices, the Money Wheel can be an interesting addition to your casino night. Physically large, with an authentic sound as it spins, the wheel is simple to play and an enjoyable game for the casual player with no casino experience.

To discuss your requirements for a casino party night, why not contact us for a no obligation consultancy and free quotation.