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Top five things you should look for in a fun casino croupier

So you’ve decided to have a fun casino at your next party, great choice! But not all fun casino suppliers are equal. 

Standards of equipment can vary from company to company and while this can have an impact on the experience on the night, we believe that the quality of the staff is the most important factor in creating a great casino night, and we vet our staff to ensure that they provide an outstanding experience to our guests. We have five criteria we want them to have, so why not find out if the croupiers at your next fun casino night fit this description.

Knowledgeable: first and foremost, the staff must know how to deal the games. It sounds so simple, but one of the reasons we started this business is that we were going to casino nights and found that we knew more about the games than the staff dealing them. Most of our dealers have worked in real life casinos, but we will recruit and train non-casino staff provided they show aptitude. Despite what some fun casino companies will say, we don’t believe that fun casino dealers have to have worked in real casinos but 100% they need to know the games inside out and meet the other four criteria we’ve listed. 

Smart: Casinos are glamourous places. From the decadent furniture to the art on the walls, a good casino should subliminally tell guests they are escaping from the humdrum and in a luxurious environment.

This glamour extends to the staff, with male dealers traditionally dressed in tuxedos and the ladies in their evening dresses. While many 21st century casinos have perhaps adopted a less formal dress code, especially in the provinces, staff are always immaculately turned out in distinctive uniforms that matches the vibe of the venue and makes them stand out from the punters.

Too many fun casinos let the side down with scruffy staff and an incoherent dress code. At Red Fun Casinos we ask all our staff to make a real effort in how they present themselves. We know a party is a special occasion, so we make sure our staff get into the swing of things. As standard, our dealers all wear crisp white shirts, accompanied with red bowties and name badges, which add another level of authenticity and help us break the ice, but if you want us to follow a specific dress code – just let us know. 

Adaptable: one of the biggest differences between dealing in a real casino and in a fun casino is the need to be adaptable. In a real casino, dealers turn up at their start time and do their shift. At a casino party, we need to be more flexible.

We do all we can to prepare in advance, but things happen. In our time, we’ve found ourselves moved to different venues at the last minute, had access issues and changed timetables. In fact a party that runs to time is a very rare thing indeed. Those speeches always seem to overrun!

So a fun casino staff member needs to be adaptable, able to work on different games, available to work around changes in timings and happy helping to set up and pack down at the end of the event.

Educational: One of the key things we look for in our staff is the ability to explain the games to guests. Fun casino nights are a great way to learn how to play games like blackjack, roulette and poker. So often we have guests who tell us they don’t want to play because they don’t know how, or they tell us that they’ve been on numerous cruises but always avoided the casino because they were afraid they’d look foolish because they didn’t know how to play.

We always want our guests to have a great time and that means explaining how the games work, especially at the beginning of the evening. At large events we sometimes lay on a beginners table and our dealers play the most vital role in helping guests understand how the games are played and making them feel confident that they can play again in the future.

Entertaining: There’s a lot more to being a casino dealer than meets the eye. In a real world casino a croupier has many protocols to follow around game security. With big money at stake, they can’t afford to take their eyes off the game and follow routines that can be somewhat robotic.

In recent years casinos have realised that the croupier’s personality is also key to keeping punters at the table. The fact is that most players will lose on any given night, so it’s the casino’s job to make sure they enjoy themselves while doing it. The best croupiers and poker dealers are also entertainers, able to ‘read’ and engage with their players while maintaining the pace and integrity of the game.

At a fun casino, we don’t play for real money, so the dealer is relieved of the need to keep a hawk eye on all the players. That allows us to engage more on interacting with our players and doing what we are employed to do – entertain. We won’t be calling the police if you are caught cheating, but we will engage in some light hearted banter and ensure that everyone goes home with a smile on their faces. At a fun casino party, everyone should be a winner!

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