Using sponsorship to add value to your next charity casino night

A fun casino can be a brilliant attraction at a charity fundraiser event. Not only will it add a touch of glamour and keep your guests entertained, it’s also a good way to raise additional funds on the night too.

We’ve talked about how a fun casino can raise funds in previous blog posts, but this time we wanted to go into more detail the opportunities presented by sponsorship, and how you can both cover some of your overheads and add value to your sponsors through the casino.

There is no set way to approach sponsorship, however we have some ideas on how you can pitch the benefits of sponsoring some or all of the casino attraction.

The title sponsor

One of the best ways a sponsor can benefit for your casino night is for them to become the ‘title’ sponsor of that area of your charity event.

Ideally you will be looking for a company to pay for the cost of the casino attraction, and in return they will receive a number of benefit before, after and during the event.

Pre event, they should benefit from an association in all of your communications. This can involve mentions on social media and in the press. For example press releases, posters, social media and other pre-event activity can include the sponsor’s logo and mentions, such as Casino Night in Association with Acme Industries.

Ideally, the title sponsor should cover the costs of the casino tables and croupiers, with a little bit extra in reserve to cover production costs of promotional materials, as well as including some VIP tickets for their management, staff or customers.

There are plenty of opportunities for the sponsor to ‘activate’ the casino night. The benefits is that by ‘owning’ the event they can present their brand to those present on the night, and also those who may be following through social media. 

At the most basic level, the sponsor can have signs on each of the tables – perhaps even having some giveaways like key rings, stickers and even sample products. Depending on how immersive they want it to be, and how much budget they want to spend, they can create a fully branded casino area, putting their mark on everything from the chips and fun money, through to the signage and staff uniforms. It’s even possible to get tables made up fully branded in the sponsor’s visual identity – which in turn can be kept for future events or even auctioned off for charity at the end of the night. 

Casino sponsorship also offers great PR opportunities, with fun photo opportunities to share with the media and on your own channels, for example of your customers having a great time, or the CEO dealing roulette or handing out trophies.

The table sponsor

Another way to race money is to have individual sponsors of tables. This can be done either in association with a full main sponsor or as a replacement for one. The idea is to have a sponsor for each table, with them covering the cost in return for publicity. This can be in line with a title sponsor, with the sponsor getting tickets to the event and the possibility to promote their brand. Typically we have done many charity events where the sponsors have displayed their logos on the table and even provided branded sashes for our dealers to wear.

Sponsorship of your charity casino tables can be a great win-win situation for all involved, allowing you to cover the costs of your entertainment and giving the sponsor some fantastic PR opportunities.

If you’re planning a charity event and would like to know more about how our casino tables can help you raise money, why not get in touch for an informal chat.

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