Casino Party nights

What dress code should you set for a casino party night?

One question we are commonly asked by our clients is ‘what is the dress code for a casino party night?’

In reality, there is no need to set a dress code for your casino party but these events can provide a great opportunity for your guests to glam up and get their finery on, making them super memorable.

Without doubt, the two most common themes are James Bond/007 and Las Vegas. Bond is most definitely a black tie affair, with gents in their tuxedos and ladies in their finest evening wear. The James Bond theme can be complemented by the room theming and other branding, we’ve even seen Bond lookalikes and swish Aston Martins make an appearance, but even if you don’t want to go down the route of a specific theme, the glamour of a casino night always seems to fit in best with a black tie ball.

The other main theme we see is Vegas Nights, which relies less on your guests’ dress and more on the room theming. This can be achieved by a number of props, backdrops and even some Vegas Showgirls, complete with authentic (and extravagant) feathered costumes and extravagant headdresses. 

If you really want to get your guests to make an effort, transport them back to the 1920s for a Gatsby party. The prohibition era led to some glamourous elicit parties, where flapper dresses, pearl necklaces, headpieces and cigarette holders are most definitely in for the ladies. For a more British version of the roaring ‘20s, the Peaky Blinders TV show has inspired many an epic party in recent years, with tweed and flat caps aplenty for the gents and that classic little black dress for the ladies.

Casino parties usually evoke images of glamour and your guests will naturally make an effort. The Monte Carlo theme is also popular, for those who prefer a more European feel and, let’s be honest, who doesn’t like to dress up?

Of course, the dress code shouldn’t just apply to the guests. Dressing the venue is an important part of poking your guests’ mind and remind them of the experience they are there to enjoy. Little touches, props, can transform a bland four-star hotel into a glamourous land far, far away and that should extend to your suppliers too.

The photo booth or casino staff at your 007 or Gatsby casino night shouldn’t be wearing a generic polo shirt, so make sure their staff get into the swing of the night too. At Red, we dress our staff in uniforms of white shirts and natty bowties, to give a guaranteed dash of glamour whatever the theme, but make sure you speak to your entertainments company to ensure they fit in with the night. We’re always happy to don tweed for your Peaky Blinders night, add dealer visors and showgirls for your Vegas theme or match our dapper bow ties to the colour scheme of your wedding night.

Dress code and theming is such an important part of your party night, adding up to create a memorable experience for your guests, so make sure you work with a company that understands the importance of the details and can work with you to ensure that they are part of the theme.

At Red Event Casinos, we are always flexible and able to fit into your theme. Whether you are looking for a simple casino night for a birthday party or wedding, or a fancy black tie charity ball, we’re always happy to work in partnership with our clients to ensure they (that’s you, by the way!) achieve their objectives.