Why we’re Red

I was at a business networking meeting last week when I was asked ‘Why is your company called Red?’.

Why I was surprised, I don’t know, but I had to think back to almost three years ago, when we set up the business.

It’s certainly nothing to do with my politics, or my football team. It’s not even my favourite colour (that’s yellow, BTW). So when my preferred name was already taken, I looked around for inspiration. I had a red car and a red motorbike. There was a picture on the wall of me in a red T-shirt, and (for some bizarre reason) I’d just bought some red spectacles.

And so Red was born, initially hiring out photo booths and quickly moving into providing great quality casino nights. We like to try and be ‘Red’ too. Our vivid colour allows us to stand out and create what we always want to achieve – Lasting Memories For Your Event.